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Niveus <Red Room>
Time frame of the build : 5 to 10 minutes
Best for: ALL stages
BP Required : 100+

I've been suggested to do this post by TurtleNut, so here I am.

As I see it, this base is OP as the human's counterpart to alien's window room.

Features : 
- Maximum turret efficiency.
- Very difficult to snipe human structures for Advanced dragoons.
- When aliens Attack, since there isn't a standard line of turrets facing them, I've noticed they feel disoriented and don't know what to focus first, which most of the time will result in a failed attack (3 tyrants to destroy a single turret during SD).
- Visual on incoming enemies from the corridor (one player can be stationned on top of the box with a mass driver and inflict great pre-emptive damage).
- Players are given a visual on the base and corridors while using the medpack. The armory is very difficult to destroy and easy to rebuild as well.
- Telenodes are difficult to reach for aliens.

Advices :
- There is a small terrain elevation in this room, make sure to build your two telenodes as close as possible to the walls to avoid the "blocking effect" when walking towards it.
- Same thing applies for the medistation.
- Build the 3rd telenode behind the stacked boxes, to make sure it is safe from advanced goons sniping.
- It is very important you build all turrets as close as possible.

[Image: uPvroMF.jpg]

[Image: IKkZxjd.jpg]
Nice Post Smile
Thats awesome. Thanks for posting! OP base for sure. Loved playing it.
Aliens feels gg with that Big Grin

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